ECG Machines and Accessories

ECG Machines

Code – ECG300G/INT
Description – ECG 300G – 3 Channel & Interpretation


Features * High resolution thermal printing system, high precision
* 12 leads collection in phase as well as 3 leads printing in phase
* Digital design and filter, baseline auto-adjustable
* LCD displays operation menu
* DC/AC auto-exchange
* Automatic measurement, analysis and diagnosis with high speed
* Elegant and compact outlook, with inner handhold
Model ECG 300G
ECG Input Circuit Floating; protection against defibrillator effect.
Lead Standard 12 leads
Patient Current Leakage 10µA
Sampling Rate 1000Hz
A/D conversion 12 bit
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB + 0.4dB)
Time constant: >3.2 seconds
CMRR >60dB >100dB (Add Filter)
Enduring polarization voltage ±500mV
Noise Level <15µVp-p
Measurement parameters
EMG Interference filter
25Hz/35Hz (-3dB)
AC filter 50Hz/60Hz (≥20dB)
Recording way Thermal printing system (32spots/mm)
Recording paper 80mm(W) x 20mm (L)
Sensitivity choice 5,10,20,40mm/mV, Auto
Wave Output
Rhythm Record
Manual record
25mm/s, 50mm/s
25mm/s, 50mm/s

5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s

220V, 50Hz (110V, 60Hz)
7.4V, 3700mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Fuse specification 2pcs Ø 5 x 20mm AC Time lag: T250mA/250V (Power Supply 220V)
Product safety Type Class I, type CF applied part, which has defibrillation – proof applied part
Fuse Specification 2 pcs Ø5 x 20mm AC time lag: T250mA/250V (power supply: 220V)
Dimensions 315mm (L) x 215mm (W) x 77mm (H)
Net Weight 2.25kg


Code – ECG600G/INT
Description – ECG 600G – 3/6 Channel & Interpretation

Features * 1.7″ TFT, touch screen, LED backlight
* Digital isolation technology and signal PRO-cessing solution, digital filter
* Patient management, name and age and ID
* Detail analysis report
* Multi-language options: Germany, France, Italian, Turkey, etc
* Built-in lithium rechargeable battery, wide thermal printing system
* USB and LAN socket. Memory: Built-in memory or mini SD Memory card. Store more than 1000 pieces of archive
* Auto-measurement, auto-analysis, and auto-interpretation
Model ECG 600G
Product safety Type Class I, type CF applied part, which has defibrillation – proof applied part
Leads Standard 12 Leads
Input Floating; protection against defibrillator effect.
Input impedance ≥ 50M
Patient Leak Current <10uA
Sampling Rate 1000Hz
Frequency Response 0.05 ~ 150Hz (-3dB)
Time Constants >3.2s
CMRR >100dB
Dimension of Recording Paper 80mm x 20M
Paper Speed 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Sensitivity choice 5,10,20mm/mV
Measurement parameters HR, R-R interval, P-Duration, QRS Duration, Q-T interval, T-Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R(V5), S (V1), R(V5) + S(V1)
Product Safety Type Class I, CF. Defibrillation and pacing protection
Enduring Polarization voltage ± 300mv
Noise Level <15uVp-p
Dimension 130mm (L) x 74mm (W) x 25mm (H)
Net Weight 2.3kg


Code – ECG1200G/INT
Description – ECG 1200G – 12 Channel & Interpretation

Features * ECG1200G 12-channel ECG, gathers 12-lead ECG signals simultaneously and prints out the ECG waveforms with thermal printing system
* Uses are mainly in Hospitals, Clinics (medical establishments)
* 800 x 600 dots high resolution colour LCD
* Convenient and quick button setup
* Automatic/manual mode to record and display ECG waveform
* Auto-measure of ECG waveform parameter
* Multiple switchable interface language
Model ECG 1200G
Input Circuit Floating; protection against defibrillator effect.
Lead Standard 12 leads
Display 8” TFT Display, 800 x 600 pixels, LED backlight
Patient Current Leakage 10µA
Frequency response 0.05Hz – 150Hz (-3dB)
Input Impedance 50MΩ
Time Constant >3.2seconds
CMRR >60dB, ≥100dB (Adding Filter)
EMG Interference filter 35Hz (-3dB)
Recording Thermal Printing System
Specification of recording paper 210mm (W) x 20mm (H) high speed paper
Paper speed Auto record: 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Rhythm record: 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Manual record: 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s, error ± 5%
Sensitivity selections 5,10,20,40mm/mV, error± 5%. Standard sensitivity is 10mm/mV±0.2mm/mV
Auto Record Record setup according to auto record format and mode, automatically changing leads, measuring and analysing
Rhythm Record Record setup according to rhythm record format and mode, automatically measuring and analysing
Manual Record Record setup according to manual record format, manually changing leads
Measurement parameters HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, T Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc P axis, QRS Axis, T Axis R(V5), S(V1), R(V5) + S(V1)
Product Safety Type Class I CF applied part, there is defibrillation and pacing protection circuit in it
Enduring Polarization voltage ±500mV
Power Supply AC AC:100-240V, 50/60Hz DC: 14,8V, 3700mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Noise Level <15µVp-p
Size 334mm(L) x 320mm (W) x 85mm (H)


Code – ECG1103B
Description – ECG – Digital 3 Channel – 12 Lead – ECG1103B with interpretation

Features * Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, type CF safety standard
* Selectable four modes of leads: Manual (standard single channel), Auto I (standard three channel), Auto II (standard single channel plus any rhythm lead) and Auto III (European three channel)
* Function of ECG parameters measurement and distinguish point printing under automatic mode
* LCD display of operation menu, ECG waveform, AMP menu and parameter setting
* Powerful filter for AC, EMG and DFT interference
* High resolution thermal printer
* AC and DC power supply, rechargeable built-in battery, at least 2 hours’ working time
* High resolution and multiple print formats ensure best print quality of ECG waveforms
* Capability of the input & output for analogue signal
* Optional : USB interface, net-working capacity
Model ECG 1103B
Input Circuit Floating; protection against defibrillator effect.
Lead Standard 10 leads, European leads
Patient Current Leakage < 10mA
Input Impedance 50Ω
Calibrating Voltage 1mV ±3%
Digital Sampling 10 bits (simultaneously acquisition of 10 leads ECG data)
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB)
Time Constant >3.2seconds
CMRR >100dB (with filter)
EMG Filter 40Hz (-3dB)
DFT Filter Automatic Adjustment
Sensitivity 5, 10, 20mm/mV ±3%
Recording System Thermal-array
Paper Speed 25, 50mm/s ±3%
Recording Paper 50/63mm, 20m, high-speed roll
Input Circuit Current 50nA
Safety Standard IEC class I, type CF
Power Supply AC 220V / 110V, 50/60Hz
Power Supply DC 14.4V rechargeable battery
Depolarization Voltage ±300mV
Noise Level <15µVp-p
Dimensions 300mm x 230mm x 65mm
Net Weight 2.75 Kgs
Gross Weight 4.50 Kgs


Code – ECG1103G/INT
Description – ECG 1103G – 3 Channel & Interpretation

Features * Light in weight, compact in size
* Three kinds of operation mode: Automatic, Manual, Analysis
* Standard lead mode or European lead mode available
* Automatic measurement and interpretation
* Detection and alarm of Lead-off, no paper, no battery
* Built-in ECG simulator
* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity
* Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
* RS232 communication interface in standard configuration for connecting with special network, PC or Setting up of ECG database, option Blue Tooth interface
* Built-in help function: electrode positioning, ECG basic knowledge, common trouble-shooting, etc. (not available in Class B machine)
* Clinical information such as patient ID, name, sex, age, height, weight, drugs and hospital name can be input
* Case storage function: 15 cases can be saved in the machine or as much as 150 cases in a SD card. Saved ECG waveforms can be cine-looped, printed out or transferred to PC (not available in Class B machine)


Code – ECG1103W
Description – ECG 1103L – 3 Channel Large screen

Features * Light in weight, compact in size
* Operation Mode: Automatic, Manual, Analysis
* Standard lead mode of European/Cabera lead mode available
* Automatic Measurement and Interpretation
* Detection and alarm of Lead-off, No Paper, No Battery
* Built-in ECG simulator
* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity
* Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
* RS232 communication interface in standard configuration for connecting with PC or setting up of ECG database, option USB and Blue Tooth interface
* Built-in Help Function: electrode positioning, ECG basic knowledge, common trouble-shooting, etc. (not available in Class B ECG)
* Clinical information such as patient ID, name, sex, age, height, weight, drugs and hospital name can be input
* Case Storage function: 15 cases can be saved in the machine or as much as 150 cases in a SD card. Saved ECG waveforms can be cine-looped, printed out or transferred to PC (not available in Class B ECG)
Model ECG 1103L
Input Circuit Floating, protection against defibrillator and pacemaker
Input Circuit Current ≤50nA.
Input Impedance 50MΩ
Display 5.7” Screen Display
A/D Converter 18 bit
Acquisition Mode 12 leads acquisition simultaneously
Patient Current Leakage 10µA
Time Constant ≥3.2seconds
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz
Sensitivity 2.5, 5,10, 20(mm/mV) Auto
CMRR >100dB (with AC filter)
Calibration Voltage 1mV±2%
Noise Level <15µVp-p
Anti-Baseline Drift Automatic
Filter EMG Filter: 35Hz~45Hz (-3dB)45Hz (-3dB)
ADS Filter: Auto (0.15-0.50Hz)
HUM Filter: 50Hz/60Hz (-20dB)
Patient Current Leakage <10µA
Paper Speed 6.25/12.5/25/50mm/s
Recording Paper 50mm (width), 20/30m (length), roll/Z-fold
Power Supply AC: 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 85V~265V (option)
DC: 14.4V, built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Dimension 345mm x 300mm x 80mm; 400mm x 180mm x 355mm (Carton)
Net Weight 2.5kgs
Gross Weight 4.5kgs


Code – ECG1103VET
Description – ECG 1103 vet

Code – ECG1112/INT
Description – ECG 1112 – 12 Channel & Interpretation

Features * Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, real-time recording and printing of 12-channel ECG waveform
* Graphic display of 12-lead ECG waveform
* Built-in analysis software of age which assures accurate analysis result
* Auto-measurement, auto-interpretation, waveform playback and storage of ECG data
* RS232 and USB interface cope with data-share or remote data management requirement
* Option wireless function makes more convenient communication with PC
* User friendly operation system contributed by built-in HELP function
* Literal and graphic operation interface
* Powerful filters to minimize interference
* Heart rate measurement and pace-maker protection circuit
* Multi-printing formats: manual/automatic, Standard 12 channel, 3 channel plus 3 rhythm lead, 6 channel, 6 channel plus rhythm lead, 60’s analysis of arrhythmia, R-R histogram, trend graph
* AC,DC or built-in lithium battery power supply, alarm of battery weak and lead-off
* Comfort and durability contributed by silicone gel keypad
* Tremendous ECG data can be saved in built-in SD card
Model ECG 1112L
Screen Size 5.7 inch
Input Circuit Floating, protection against defibrillator and pacemaker
Leads Standard 12 Lead
Input Impedance >50MΩ
Imput Circuit Current <50n A
Patient Current Leakage <10µ A
Calibration Voltage 1mV ± 2%
Depolarization Voltage ±500mV
Ampling Rate 1.0ms (1000Hz)
A/D Converter 12 bits
Frequency Response 0.05Hz-165Hz (-3dB)
Time Constant >3.2s
Noise Level <15µVp-p
CMRR >100dB
Digital Filters HUM, EMG, ADS
Sensitivity Auto, 2.5,5,10,20mm/mV (± 2%)
Measurement Heart rate, PR Int., Vent. Rate, P/QPS/T Axis
Patient Data Data, time, ID, name, gender, age, height, weight, blood pressure. etc
System Data Sensitivity, paper speed, filter on/off, hospital name, etc
Print-out Waveform, waveform + measurement report, or waveform + measurement report + analysis report
Printing System High speed, high sensitivity thermal matrix printing system
Paper Speed 6.25,12.5, 25, 50mm/s (± 3%)
Printing Paper 216mm x 30m roll paper
Power Supply
100V-240V (50/60Hz)
14.4V/4400mAh, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, over 2 hours working time
Safety Standard IEC, Class I, Type CF
Carton Size 415 x 195 x 380mm
Weight 5.5kgs
Optional Accessories SD Card
Carrying Bag
PCECG-500A work station software


Code – ECG-C10LBCW
Description – ECG Cable – 10 Lead + Button Carewell

Code – ECGC2000
Description – ECG Cardiocare 2000

Features * Simultaneous 12 Channel resting ECG
* ECG interpretation program
* A4 size various printout formats
* Fax transmission function
* ECG filing system “EKGPlus”
* Continuous software upgrade
Model Cardiocare2000
ECG Leads 12 leads simultaneous 10 second resting ECG
Dimension 296(W) x 305.5(H) x 92.5(D)mm
Approx. 2.98Kg
Recording Channel
3,6,12 channel (60 sec)
5,10,12 channel and 1 channel (60 sec)
Printing speed
12.5 25, 50mm/s
Filters AC (50/60Hz)
Display 2 X 16 character LCD display
LCD display
LED indicator
Sensitivity, speed, filter status, HR, printing form, rhythm
Lead signal quality, power source, battery
Keyboard Membrane keyboard
Alphanumeric and symbol available
Patient Data ID, name, age, sex, height, weight
Basic Measurements Heart rate, PR, QRS, QT/QTc, P-R-T axis
Recorder Thermal print head, thermal roll paper
Report papers:
- Width: A4: 210mm or 8.5”
- Length: A4: 300mm or 11”
Effective writing width: 204mm
- Vertical: 8 dots/mm
- Horizontal: 16 dots/mm
Electrical Internal noise: 20uV(p-p) max
Input circuit: Floating input
Isolated and defibrillation protected
Input impedance: >10MQ
Input range: > +/- 5mV
Common Mode Rejection: >+100dB
DC offset voltage: >+/- 300mV
Time constant: 3.2 sec
Patient Leakage current: <10uA
Frequency response: 0.05 ~ 150Hz
Signal Quality control Disconnected lead detection
Power Power Supply: AC or built-in Battery (option)
Power requirement: 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60Hz, 1.0 –
Power consumption: 60w max
Battery capacity 1 hour of normal use (approximately 100 automatic printouts)
Communication PC connection with RS-232 interface and LAN
Safety Class 1, Type BF
Conformity CE, CSA
Environment Operating humidity: 30 – 85%
Operating temperature: 10° ~ 40° C
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPa
Power Cable – 1ea
Patient Cable – 1ea
Bulbs x 6, arm and leg clamps x 4
Chart Paper – 1ea
Operation Manual – 1ea
Options Rechargeable Battery (ni-mh)
PC s/w
Limb electrode
Chest electrode
RS-232C null cable
LAN cable (Ethernet-RJ-45)


Handheld ECG Machines

Code – ECG80HH/S
Description – ECG PM80 Handheld & SPo2

Introduction PM80 Portable ECG Monitor mainly faces families and individuals. It can record, analyze and display ECG waveform when consumers hearts are exceptional, catching exceptional ECG waveform, providing gist for diagnosing. The product isn’t belong to medical device, only used to detect ECG momentarily
Production characteristic * 3.5-inch color TFT touch-screen
* Adopting built-in electrode can observe single-lead ECG waveform fast
* Continuous ECG monitoring mode
* Achieving separate ECG,Oximeter collection and mixed collection
* Analyse accurately, display intuitionistic and pellucid
* Integrated case manage function, review, delete, storage case
* TF mass memory medium
* Carry through diversified settings according to user needs
* Have divers form system tools, in order to provide more close service to user
* Have mass rechargeable li-polymer battery
Primary Technical Guide Line:  
ECG * Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 5%
* Standard Sensitivity: 10mm/mV ± 5%
* Noise Level: ≤30μV
* Common-mode rejection ratio: ≥ 60 dB
* Scan rate: 25mm/s ± 5%
* Sampling frequency: no less than 400point/s
* Enduring polarization voltage: ±500mV
Oximeter: Spo2: * Measuring Range: 0~100%
* Absolute error permit ± 2%, the metrical results display in the range with 70%~100%
* Less than 70% is not defined.
Pulse Rate:
* Measuring range: 35bpm~250bpm
* Error ± 2bpm or 2% which is greater
Accessories Sell in standard:
* A user manual
* 2GB T-Flash card
* ECG Cable
* disposable electrodes
* High-quality bag
* A power adapter(5V/1A)
* A data line
* A disk (PC software)
Sell in addition:
* An oximeter probe
* bluetooth
Physical identity * Dimension: 131mm (L) × 74 mm(W) × 28mm (H)
* Weight: About140g


Code – ECG80AHH/PR
Description – ECG 80A Handheld & Printer

Introduction This product is single channel,12 leads electrocardiograph, can be widely applied in ECG check-up under different circumstances such as in family ,hospital consultation, doctor’s diagnosis, physical check-up,social medical organizations etc. it can implement real time continuous records of clear and exact single-channel ECG waveform using thermo sensitive printer at the same time. waveforms also can be freezed at any time. it has manual and automatic modes to be chosen and Chinese/English operation interface,it is easy to be used
Features * 2.7″ FSTN display shows the working status and ECG waveform. Check the waveform before printing to save record paper.
* Output system:High-resolution thermal-array(8dots/mm),it needs not be adjusted.Recording frequency Response:Up to 150Hz.
* The device can record exact single ECG waveform and remark. The mark includes:lead sign,ensitivity,paper speed,filter state.
* Under automatic mode,just press the button once,it starts record procedure,which can enhance your work efficiency
* The language of operation interface include( Chinese,English,French,Italian,Turkish,Espanol,Deutsch,Russia)
* The keyboard’s control is whole touch type,it’s convenient to operate.
* Classification:IEC class I,type CF defibrillator proof
* This instrument can record 160 pieces of ECG waveform and 4 hours continually under the best DC state
* The figure of whole device is elegancy and gliding
* According to defendence degree of deleterious fluid, this device is belong to common device.
* Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of AC,EMG and DFT,receive the better ECG waveform.
* According to the working mode class, this device belongs to continuous operation equipment
Technical specifications * Normal work environment
Environment temperature: +5℃~+35℃
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
  * Store and Transportation
Environment temperature: -10~55℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa~106kPa
  * Input way: Floating and defibrilation protection
* Lead: Standard 12 leads
* Patient leak current: <10μA
* Sampling rate:1000Hz
* A/D change:10 Bit
* Frequency response: 0.05Hz~150Hz
* Time constant: Time constant>3.2s
* CMRR: >60dB, >100dB( With AC filter)
* Enduring polarization voltage:±500mV
* Noise level: ≤15μVp-p
* EMG interference filter: 35Hz(-3dB)
* AC filter:50Hz/60Hz(≥20dB)
* Sensitivity choice: 5,10,20mm/mV, error:±5%.Standard sensitivity is 10mm/mV±0.2mm/mV
* Recording way: Thermal printing system
* Auto-record: according the the record format and auto-mode to set, auto leads-changing, auto measurement.
* Manual record: according the record format to record, manual leads-changing.
* Specification of recording paper:50mm(W) × 20mm(L)High-speed thermal paper
* Paper speed: 25mm/s,50mm/s,error:±5%
* Product safety type:IEC class I,type CF defibrillator proof
* Size:190mm(L)*90mm(W)*40mm(H)
* Net Weight:0.45kg
* Power supply
* Input: AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC: 9V
DC: 7.4V, Lithium rechargeable battery
Accessories ECG leads 1 set
Limb electrode clamp 1 set
Chest electrode 1 set
Power connection 1 piece
Recording paper 1 piece
Power adapters 1 piece
User manual 1 piece
Option ECG80A software, connect with the PC by USB , collect real-time data to the software to analyze and print the report,


Holter ECG Machines

Code – ECG9803HS
Description – ECG TLC9803 – 3 Channel Holter system

Introduction TLC9803 Dynamic ECG Systems adapts 3-lead system defined by our company, can record continuously ECG waves for 24h, and analyses waves with PC software. It is applicable in hospital and community medical establishment
Main features * Quick and accurate analysis system.
* The 3-lead synchro analysis, to find accurate, QRS search can be accurate and no distortion.
* There are more than 10 templates as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, long interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module etc. and multiplicate User-defined templates could almost identify every kind of pathologic waveforms.
* Flexible analysis channel selection function, can choose any channel as the mainly analysis the channel.
* Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis,so that physicians can use full,segmented automatic,manual analysis of atrial fibrillation,make the analysis more quickly and accurately.
* Powerful pacemaker analysis, on the AAI,VVI,DDD etc. all pacemaker analysis.
* Many pacing modules have been added.
* Fast review analysis function, can be any period of time the review single lead or all leads electrocardiogram.
* Analysis of heard rate variability with short-range 5 minutes and long-range 1 hour and 24 hours analysis of heart rate variability.
* One-stop printing operation, report printing process is convenient and quick.
* Perfect function of case management.
* Advanced ST segment analysis and myocardial ischemia total load, can for the ST abnormal analysis according to the whole and event, make the doctor can comprehensive judgment myocardial ischemia.
* Unique “Sleep breath pause syndrome analysis” analysis can predict Sleep breath pause risk.
* “HRT” analysis can predict the risk of death in patients with myocardial infarction.
* “T Wave alternation” analysis is an important index to predict malignant arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death
Recorder features * With advanced design and technology, the recorder can work stably, dependably and durably.
* Be provided with the capability of anti-jamming and aseismic.
* Small volume with OLED screen. The resolution is 160*128.
* Be provided with functions of waveform preview, record review and event marking.
* Accurate record of the start time of the data sampled owing to the real time clock of itself.
* Avoid damage owing to the repeating inserting and pulling out by using the inbuilt TF card to storage the data.
* The maximum capability can be 2GB, so the original data can be saved perfectly by no compression.
* The average review time of single case can be less than 40 seconds by using interface of USB 2.0.
* Record waveform details inextenso by the design of high precision and sampling frequency.
* Record the state of pacemaker exactly by higher sampling frequency.


ECG Gel and Paper

Code – ECGgel250ml
Description – ECG gel 250ml

Code – ECGgel5l
Description – ECG gel 5L

Code –
Description – ECG Electrodes spray 200ml

Description – Paper for bestman

Code –
Description – Paper for contec 300G and 600G 110mm

Code –
Description – Paper for 800G

Code –
Description – Paper for contec 1200G 210mm

Code –
Description – Paper for ECG1112

Code – ECGC2000-PAP
Description – Paper for cardiocare

Description – Paper for carewell machines